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Yangzhou Pioneer Chemical Co., Ltd.,Founded in 2005, it is headquartered in Yangzhou, Jiangsu. It has independent laboratories: Yangzhou Lian FA Detection Technology Co., Ltd., pesticide fixed-point plant, Jiangsu Lianshui Pioneer Chemical Co., Ltd. There are 43 employees in headquarters, and all databases of Solvay, Huntsman, Clariant, AkzoNobel, Croda, Takemoto, BASF and other subsidiary companies have been established, with more than 100 formulations of mature products.
Yangzhou Huijie Import and Export Co. LTD is official distributor of Yangzhou Pioneer Chemical Co. LTD which acts on the territory of China and abroad. Owner of Yangzhou Huijie Import&Export Co. LTD - is Mr. Li Donghu.
Company to "pioneer" brand, is committed to creating a pesticide expert, and strive to achieve the development strategy, provide pesticide registration preparation plant construction, equipment selection, formulation, production process, product inspection before shipment and a full range of professional services to customers at home and abroad; in order to establish the "four key" (i.e. key the market, key projects, key customers and key suppliers) to lead the construction of learning the working principle; to establish a sales center, procurement, technology, finance and Administration for overseas projects, supporting the operation mode (five basic points of a center). At present, the company has formed a unique dominant customer group, concentrated in Eastern Europe, Central Asia, South Asia, South America and other countries and regions. Pioneers are willing to open their minds, rely on their own experience in many years of research and development, sincerely cooperate with domestic customers to explore the international market, complement each other and create a better future with "solidarity, professionality, innovation and loyalty".