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Post duties:1, responsible for bank settlement, standardize the use of bank bills;2, the payment of the wages of the employees;3, responsible for keeping financial seal, doing bank accounts and cash accounts.4. Responsible for expense reimbursement, and prepa···
Chemical Engineering Equipment Engineer
Post duties:1, according to the technical specification of the industry, complete the professional and technical design of the selected chemical production line, ensure that the design plan meets the demand;2, be able to actively communicate with users and ma···
Pesticide formulations research and development
Position:Market business developmentNumber of people:2Work place:Yangzhou / LianshuiTreatment:NegotiableClaim:Men, strong ability to learn, can quickly accept new things, good at communicating with others, agronomy related majors preferred.Treatment:Once···
Market business development
Position:Pesticide formulations research and developmentNumber of people:2Work place:Yangzhou / LianshuiTreatment:NegotiableClaim:1, Education: Bachelor, undergraduate major for chemical analysis, agro-related professionals2, loyalty and dedication, hard ···
Procurement staff
Position:Procurement staffNumber of people:2Work place:Yangzhou / LianshuiTreatment:NegotiableClaim:Undergraduate, male, with good communication skills, negotiation skills and cost awareness, logical and strong.Treatment:Once hired both to sign a labor c···