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Improve the quality of pesticide regulatory staff to help pesticide management

In order to further implement the "Pesticide Management Regulations" to help law enforcement officers do a better job of pesticide management

In order to further implement the "Pesticide Management Regulations" to help law enforcement officers do a better job of pesticide management. December 19, Changzhou City, organized a meeting of the city's pesticide management. Municipalities and autonomous regions, agriculture and forestry (agriculture) Bureau of pesticide management in charge of leadership and pesticide management functions Branch, law enforcement unit, Plant Protection Station and the main person in charge of pesticide administrative licensing business, Agricultural Department of Agriculture and Horticulture Department, law enforcement detachment and agricultural technology The relevant person in charge of the promotion center attended the meeting. Xu Agade, chief agronomist of the Municipal Agriculture Commission attended the meeting.

First of all, the city exchanged the basic situation of the pesticide management in the previous stage and discussed the new situation and new tasks of pesticide management, as well as the present management status and existing problems; then, the Agricultural and Horticultural Department of the Municipal Agriculture Commission communicated the province Pesticide business permit work conference and the province's pesticide regulatory work conference, the deployment of the next phase of the city's pesticide management priorities, and the relevant provisions of the pesticide business permit training.

Finally, Xu aggravates the total agronomist to put forward the clear request to the next pesticide management work, he pointed out:

First, we must unify our thinking, raise our awareness and fully understand the importance of pesticide management. We should thoroughly understand the relevant regulations and the spirit of higher authorities and fully understand the responsibilities entrusted to the agricultural sector under the new Pesticide Regulations

; Second, we must act promptly and carry out all tasks in a down-to-earth manner. We must strictly follow the requirements of the new "Regulations" and strictly comply with the requirements, conditions and procedures and carry out pesticide licensing according to law;

Third, we must conscientiously perform their duties, all localities and counties should learn from Lianyungang "12 · 9" accident lessons, attach great importance to and adhere to the problem-oriented and earnestly carry out related to nitrification and chlorination reaction equipment safety hazards and related to safety design, automatic control of the special investigation , Highlight key areas, key positions and key links, and strengthen the implementation of responsibility system, earnestly do a good job in the safe production and management of pesticide industry, especially in Jintan and Xinbei areas where more pesticide manufacturers are involved.