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Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park resumes production difficulties: the Xiangshui accident is still depressed in the past 8 months

The data shows that Jiangsu's existing chemical production enterprises have a park entry rate of only about 30%, and some regions even have a park entry rate of only 10%. On the other hand, individual chemical companies have prominent problems with illegal sewage discharge, insufficient waste management capabilities, and environmental pollution. serious.
Tian Jinping, an associate researcher at the School of Environmental Studies at Tsinghua University, said that chemical companies usually have a good understanding of the safety of raw materials, intermediates, products, and chemical reactions. However, waste, especially solid waste, has a complex composition and Its security is not well understood.
"Daily Economic News" reporter learned from an environmental survey report of Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park released by Greenstone Environmental Protection Center that from June 2018 to October 2019, the differences in water and gas residue supervision of 44 chemical industry parks in Jiangsu Province were relatively different. Big. Only 70% of the companies did not see obvious black odorous water and odorous gas, 48% of the companies did not realize the separation of rain and sewage, and the rainwater outlets relied on manual detection and management. .
The adjustment report is of great significance to the guidance of chemical companies
According to the Xinhua News Agency report on November 15, the State Council approved the investigation report of the "Major Explosion Incident of March 21" of Xiangshui Tianjiayi Chemical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Tianjiayi Company). The investigation group of the State Council determined that the accident was a particularly serious production safety responsibility accident caused by the long-term illegal storage of hazardous waste resulting in spontaneous combustion.
On November 20, the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government convened a warning conference on the warning of the "Major Explosion of March 21" in Xiangshui. Lou Qinjian, secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, pointed out that it is necessary to take the warning of this accident as a turning point and promote the modernization of the safety production governance system and governance capabilities.
"Daily Economic News" reporter noted that the investigation report showed that the immediate cause of the accident was the long-term illegal storage of nitrated waste in the old solid waste warehouse of Tianjiayi Company, which continued to accumulate heat and caused spontaneous combustion, which caused an explosion. It is reported that the nitrating waste has self-decomposition characteristics, releases heat during decomposition, and the decomposition rate accelerates with increasing temperature.
The experimental data show that, under adiabatic conditions, the longer the storage time of nitrated waste, the more prone to spontaneous combustion. The longest storage time of nitrified waste stored in Tianjiayi's old solid waste warehouse is more than 7 years.
The note in the report shows: "Through thermal safety analysis experiments and theoretical calculations, it can be known that when the initial temperature of the nitrating waste is 39.2 ° C under adiabatic conditions, the temperature will rise to the spontaneous ignition point after storage for 1 year due to self-dissipation of heat; When the starting temperature of nitrating waste is 26.8 ℃, spontaneous combustion will occur after 3 years; when the starting temperature of nitrifying waste is 21.1 ℃, spontaneous combustion will occur after 5 years; when the starting temperature of nitrating waste is 17.3 ℃, spontaneous combustion will occur after 7 years . "
In response, Tian Jinping said that this case shows that even if the nitrated waste produced is stored at a lower temperature, spontaneous combustion will occur under sufficient time. This reminds chemical companies to strengthen their understanding of the nature of materials / waste during solid waste treatment and disposal.
"This reflects the scientific and quantitative understanding of the nature of materials through the use of thermal safety analysis experiments in the process of accident investigation and identification. In fact, this method has a very large impact on the chemical industry's research and development, design, production, management, investigation and prevention of potential safety hazards. Guiding significance. "Tian Jinping said.
Many chemical companies are still down
Beginning in 2018, some enterprises in Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park have begun production rectification. According to CCTV reports in April 2018, chemical pollution in the Lingang Industrial Park of Guanyun County, Lianyungang City, has caused environmental pollution problems, and the Lianyungang Municipal Government immediately began environmental protection rectification. Until the end of 2018, some enterprises passed the inspection and resumed production.
Since the explosion accident at Tianjiayi Company in March this year, the application for resumption of production by chemical enterprises in northern Jiangsu has been delayed. As of November 15, the website of the People's Government of Dafeng District of Yancheng City has announced that the application for resumption of production of five chemical companies in the zone has passed the preliminary review of the port area and district-level acceptance, and plans to apply for a city-level review. Among them, Huifeng Co. (002496, SZ) applied for the resumption of ten products and passed the preliminary examination and acceptance at the district level.
On November 27, the relevant staff of the Chemical Management Office of Dafeng District revealed to the reporter of "Daily Economic News" that the application for resumption of production by related enterprises was indeed announced, but only Fengshan Group (603810, SH) has already announced in Dafeng District. Production officially started, and no other chemical companies resumed production.
According to Fengshan Group's announcement on October 21, the company temporarily suspended production of the original drug synthesis workshop since April 18. On September 18, the company's application for resumption passed the preliminary review and district-level acceptance of the port area; on October 19, The Yancheng government agreed in principle to the company to resume production; on October 21, the Yancheng Dafeng District government agreed in principle to the Fengshan Group to resume production; the heating company planned to resume heating at 12:00 on October 25, and the company's original drug synthesis The workshop is expected to resume production on October 25. In addition, on November 14, Fengshan Group cancelled other risk warnings, and "ST" successfully removed its cap.
Financial data shows that the operating income of Fengshan Group in the first three quarters of this year was 729 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 27.84%, and the attributable net profit was 47.75 million yuan, a year-on-year decrease of 49.73%, which was almost a cut.
On November 27, a reporter from "Daily Economic News" called Fengshan Group and Huifeng Co., Ltd. to inquire about the resumed production, but did not respond. It is understood that the two companies are also in Dafeng District. Previously, they decided to temporarily suspend production because the local park's centralized heating company carried out safety monitoring and maintenance of the entire steam pipe network and stopped external heating.
Today, the Fengshan Group has resumed production, and Huifeng's application for resumption of production has yet to be answered. According to the China Chemical Industry News report, on August 26, the Yancheng Chemical Industry Safety and Environmental Improvement Improvement Leading Group Office issued the “Yancheng Production Suspension and Refinement Chemical Production Enterprise Resumption Work Process”, which aroused dissatisfaction and questions from many local enterprises.
Documents show that not only enterprises have no right to resume production by themselves, but also have to be signed, checked and reviewed by various departments such as the chemical industry park, county-level people's government or related departments, municipal government, and municipal government office to produce. In addition, the document also added some special provisions. For counties (cities, districts) that failed the city-level review, the county (city, district) must not file a new application for resumption within 3 months from the date of written approval by the municipal government. ; An enterprise that fails the city-level review shall not submit an application for resumption of production within 6 months from the date of the written approval of the municipal government.
Weak environmental supervision in chemical parks
At the alarming education conference on the “Major Explosion in March 21st”, Lou Qinjian, Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee, pointed out that chemical industry is a basic industry of the national economy and a major pillar industry in Jiangsu Province. "High-end", through "cage-for-green", "cage-for-bird-for-cage" and "open-cage-for-feng", to promote deep structural adjustment in the chemical industry and systematically restructure the modern industrial and industrial system.
According to the Xinhua News Agency, on April 4, the Standing Committee of the Yancheng City Committee held a meeting stating that the Xiangshui Chemical Park will be completely closed. The investigation report of the accident also revealed problems such as the environmental protection department's failure to perform its duties seriously and lax law enforcement.
According to an environmental survey report of Jiangsu Chemical Industry Park released by Greenstone Environmental Protection Center, from June 2018 to October 2019, only 70% of the 44 chemical industry parks in Jiangsu Province did not see obvious black odorous water and odorous gases. ; 48% of the companies did not realize the rain pollution diversion, and rainwater outlets rely on manual detection and management; 36% of the companies do not have atmospheric monitoring stations and only key companies have probes.
Zhang Haoxiang, the secretariat of the Tianjin TEDA Low-Carbon Economic Promotion Center's National Economic and Technological Development Zone Green Development Alliance, said that the green development of chemical parks is a prominent issue. Among them, the safety capacity of the park is difficult to calculate effectively. As a special chemical enterprise cluster area, the chemical park is necessary to control the total amount of hazardous substances in the park. The calculation method and scope of the park's safe capacity have not reached a unified opinion, and the park's safe capacity has not yet formed guidance. Technical indicators.
In addition, some chemical parks have low entry standards and are introduced blindly. In order to achieve economic development, some parks are eager to achieve success in the introduction of enterprises. Some parks ignore the technical content of the projects, and at the expense of the environment, introduce some projects with severe pollution, excess production capacity, and backward technology into the parks. Sustainable development leaves hidden dangers.
Zhang Haoxiang said that the industrial park has a basic framework for environmental protection. First, strict environmental access based on "three lines and one order"; The third is the stable discharge of key pollution sources in the industrial park, the fourth is to achieve the total emission control of enterprises and institutions in the park, the fifth is that the industrial park has a sound environmental risk management system and environmental emergency protection measures, and the sixth is the construction of public environmental infrastructure and Effective operation.
Zhang Haoxiang suggested that from the perspective of the park, it is necessary to serve the requirements of green development while serving the development of the park, and break away from traditional thinking, avoid headaches and headaches; break away from the limitations of its own business, and build comprehensive solutions; Thinking of hardware construction, and establish a management and planning system that combines hardware and software with planning and consulting.