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UPL India Pesticide Production Project Expansion: Further Expansion of Existing Technology and Intermediate Capacity

Report: According to official documents, recently, the agricultural chemical company UPL's 35.443 crore pesticide production unit expansion project in Baruch District, Gujarat, India has obtained government environmental permits. The project aims to expand the production capacity of existing pesticide grade products, intermediates, solid or liquid preparations, and also to add new products.
This approval comes with a number of additional conditions, including the prohibition of UPL from producing prohibited pesticides or chemicals, and the use of any prohibited raw materials for pesticide production.
UPL plans to increase the unit production capacity of pesticides in Ankersiva, Baruch County, India from 1,520 tons per month to 4,720 tons per month, and increase the capacity of pesticide-specific intermediates from 1,120 tons per month to 2,100 tons. The expansion project will be carried out on the existing 136,600 square meters of land, which is estimated to cost Rs 354,443 crore.
Currently, UPL's existing capacity is 6,910 tons per month. It has 11 production plants in Maharashtra, Jammu and West Bengal, India, and a sales network in 133 countries.