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Pioneer Chemical chemical industry is a field supported by all kinds of talents. The value of the pioneer is created by the staff. Therefore, we regard employees as the most valuable asset of our company, and are willing to absorb talented and potential talents in the world, and hope that every employee can get a good development in the company.
The pioneer family is composed of individuals with fresh personality. We regard people, respect people, and believe that the progress of employees is closely related to the development of the enterprise. The vitality of the vanguard is derived from the creativity of the staff, the staff diligently, the company is thriving, the employees are keen on innovation, and the company is always alive. The development of the company needs to be driven by the strength of the staff, and the development of the individual needs the opportunity and the development space of the company. Therefore, it is our pursuit to let enterprises and employees get the best development.
Solidarity:Unity, solidarity mutual development of one heart and one mind.
Major:In the field of their own profession: to be brave in thinking, to be brave in exploring, to be brave in practice
Innovate:Firm confidence, continuous progress, stubbornly striving
Loyal:The lofty and respectful of loyalty, unparalleled
Dream:The happiest thing in the world is to struggle for the ideal
Passion:Only with passion, work will be motivated
Tenacity:Victory belongs to the tenacious man
Trust:Credit is both an invisible force and an intangible wealth.