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Market business development

Position:Pesticide formulations research and developmentNumber of people:2Work place:Yangzhou / LianshuiTreatment:NegotiableClaim:1, Education: Bachelor, undergraduate major for chemical analysis, agr···...

Position:Pesticide formulations research and development

Number of people:2

Work place:Yangzhou / Lianshui



1, Education: Bachelor, undergraduate major for chemical analysis, agro-related professionals

2, loyalty and dedication, hard work, hard working, good professional ethics

3, cheerful, lively, strong communication skills

4, Agroforestry work experience is preferred

5, have more than two years of work experience; be proficient in liquid chromatography and gas chromatograph, chemical analysis, pesticide analysis and other related experience is preferred

6, men are preferred

Treatment:Once hired both to sign a labor contract, pay social insurance, free dormitory, work full year enjoy both seniority, annual leave, birthday benefits, collective tourism and other benefits.